Keep your business safe

Minimise risk across all channels

PXP Financial helps you protect your business with hundreds of risk checks and rules that can be configured automatically based on certain transaction parameters, e.g. card number, IP address, etc.



Implementing a validated P2PE solution can reduce the scope of your PCI DSS requirements. Encryption keys are injected securely into the payment terminal, so card details are not unencrypted until they reach the payment service provider, allowing you to eliminate costs and reduce breach risks.



PXP Financial monitors chargebacks on your overall portfolio to keep them at a minimum, while helping you reduce false positives affecting genuine customers.

Smart 3D Secure Logic

Smart 3D Secure Logic

PXP Financial helps you set up a 3DSecure logic based on different scenarios and parameters, keeping your business safe and preventing loss of revenue.

Key benefits

Key benefits

  • Risk assessment workshops
  • Mitigate against conversion drop-offs
  • Prevent adverse effects on long-time customers
  • Safeguard your revenue

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