Dynamic Currency Conversion

Let customers buy in their own currency

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

Dynamic Currency Conversion allows a cardholder to convert a transaction amount into their local currency when making a payment.

How Dynamic Currency Conversion Works

A cardholder from the United States travelling in Europe presents a card for payment for a product priced in Euros. Card data is captured on a terminal and processing software identifies that the card was issued in the USA. The US dollar amount is calculated using the current exchange rate and the amount is displayed in both currencies. The cardholder decides whether to use the conversion service and, if requested, signs a receipt to indicate acceptance. The receipt shows the Euro amount and the US dollar amount. The US dollar amount is debited from the cardholder’s account and the Euro amount is credited to the merchant’s account.


Key Benefits

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased sales potential
  • More transparency and flexibility

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